September Update

14 July 2020

We will be sending reports home on Friday with children who are in school. Children who are not in school will also have a report, but it will be posted to you. There will be a letter in with the reports giving details for each class (or bubble as they are to be known!) regarding precise arrival /departure times/points, information re school lunches etc.

As I am sure you can imagine, it has been quite a logistical feat, planning to get everyone back in with due regard to infection control- but we are really looking forward to having all of our wonderful pupils in again.

In the meantime I can confirm that the class teaching structure will be:

Nursery: Mrs Atkinson,

YR: Mrs Browne,

Y1: Mrs Boyle,

Y2: Mrs Cross,

Y3: Mr Manning,

Y4: Mrs Belshire/Mrs Mayor

Y5: Mrs Redmayne/Mrs Dowson,

Y6: Miss Huddleston