Latest Governor Business Interests declared at October 2023 Meeting

Name Business Interest
Keith Weatherill (Chair,Foundation) Zentek Digital Investigations
Mrs K Walsh Related to Teacher/TA
Miss s Huddleston None
Mrs. J. Weatherill Zentek Digital Investigations
Mr L Carson-Brown (Foundation) None
Miss A Goddard (Foundation) Governor at Our Ladies Catholic School
Mr M Hammond (Foundation) None
Mrs J Couchmann None
Mrs H Patchett None
Mrs K Stephens (Foundation) None
Ms C Haydon None

Mr B York

Mrs N Miller

TNJ Care Ltd

Arnside Chip Shop

Dr R Ribgy None
Mrs E Ogwo

FM World Cosmetics

Afro Foods

Mrs A Malin (SBM)

CL & DL Malin Ltd

The Green Property Management Company

Mrs J Pearce None