28 Mar

Reception and Nursery Spirituality Morning.

This morning Reception joined up with Nursery.  We also looked at why Good Friday is called Good. Then we looked at lots of different crosses and designed our own cross. 

13 Mar

Dear Zoo.

This week we having been learning all about the book, Dear Zoo. Reception have written their own Dear Zoo story and we have made our own zoo map. 

8 Mar

World Book Day in Reception.

We had so much fun yesterday celebrating World Book Day. We got to dress up as our favourite character, listen to a new story and the Year 4s came down to read to us. What an amazing day we had. 

22 Feb

Chinese New Year

Today we learnt all about Chinese New Year. We made our own dragon mask and then created a dragon dance. We also tried to use chopsticks and pick things up with them, it was tricky. 

19 Feb

Dinosaur eggs!

We arrived today at school and found some dinosaur eggs. We found a note it said “we are lost, please help”. We are now searching for their owners. 

7 Feb

Police came to visit Reception.

This term our topic is superheroes. The police came in and we got to ask lots of questions about what they do and how they help us. We also got to dress up in police costumes. We had so much fun.

17 Jan

Making our own hopscotch

We did maths outside today. We had some spots that had numbers and dots on, it was our job to find our matching pair. We then made our own hopscotch and counted as we played. 

16 Jan

Fun in the snow!

We wrapped up warm and couldn't wait to get outside in the snow. We made snowmen, snow angels and lots of other fun things. 

8 Jan


This half term we are learning all about superheroes and real life heroes. We have loved dressing up in our role play area. We have got capes and masks.  

12 Dec

Making our 2024 calendars.

This week we made our calendars. We found out that in each season the leaves are different colours. 

6 Dec


This week we have been learning all about the four different seasons. 

15 Nov

Looking after ourselves.

This afternoon we found out how and why we need to look after our teeth . We found out how to brush all the different surfaces and got to take a new toothbrush home. We had so much fun.