26 Sep


Today we talked about our favourite fruit and vegetables. We also found out where they all came from and how they are grown.  Bananas come from Costa Rica.

22 Sep

Diddi Dance

Every other Wednesday we get to join in with Diddi Dance, we have so much fun. We really enjoy expressing ourselves. 

22 Sep

Life Education

Thank you to Steve, who came into Reception. He spoke to us about our bodies and how we can stay healthy. We also got a visit from Harold the giraffe.

19 Jul

Mystery visit fun!

On Monday we finally found out the mystery destination. We went to Happy mount park for a day of transport themed fun. We went on a coach and rode on the little train. We had a woodland treasure hunt to help the teddies find their lost transport. We finished the day with a picnic and a ride on…

14 Jul

Thank you

Thank you very much for the donation of the very large car mat today. The children all wanted to play on it and worked well negotiating the space with each other.

5 Jun

Going on a journey!

We are ready to welcome everyone back tomorrow. Our new topic is all about journeys and vehicles. We would love to hear about a journey you have been onl

25 May


After hearing the story of Jack and his beanstalk, the children were very keen to plant their own beans. We looked at different coloured beans and compared their sizes. The children are watering the beans and checking them daily.

10 Feb

Have a peek!

We have been very busy today setting up the new temporary Nursery classroom. We can’t wait to show you around after the half term break.

7 Feb

To the rescue!

After all of the teddies in Nursery went missing we decided to make hero capes and go and find them. We have developed our mark making skills and written our superhero name on the back. We have listened to and used lots of positional language to describe where they were found.

24 Jan

Chinese New Year

We have celebrated with our friends in Nursery. We have taken part in lots of craft activities and tried to eat Chinese food with chopsticks. 

11 Jan

Playing outside

Outside we have different challenges and activities for the Nursery children. This week the children are strengthening their hand muscles. They are spraying the fires with water bottles. We are talking about amounts to five and looking at the numeral that represents each.

11 Jan


Today two fish have come to Nursery. We are going to look after them whilst their owners are on holiday. We have talked about the rules we will need to keep them safe, linking it with our kind hands board. Each day we will choose a child from the kind hands board to feed the fish.