Learning, growing and caring as part of God’s family

Jesus (the gardener) nourishes and tends us as we learn and grow, so that we can all flourish. As a vine, we are one, but all unique and special to Him. We care for each other, as God cares for us.


Our Vision is very important to us and central to everything we do in school. It is underpinned by some words of Jesus, which help us to understand our place within God’s family and the impact of belonging within this family. The vision above has been developed by talking to the Senior Leadership Team, the Diocese, the children and Reverend Rebecca. As part of the process of adapting a new vision, all parents and governors were consulted. The vision, and it's impact is reviewed regularly as part of school council meetings, the parents' questionnaire and governors' meetings.

The vision has been developed using the following rationale;


Because they are Children of God, we want the very best for all the children at Scotforth St Paul’s. Our children learn through an inspiring and creative curriculum, taught through fun and focused activities. This enables them to develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually into well rounded people who understand their place as a global citizen. With nurture and support, they grow to be the best that they can be, knowing that they’re a special part of God’s family, made uniquely and special to Him, with both talents and things they find difficult.  Our Christian values thread through everything we do; they help us make good choices about our behaviour and how to care for others and our amazing world which God created for us.

As a school community, and part of God’s family, we all want to learn, grow and care together, so our vision is as much for the adults connected to school as the children.



Each classroom has a display reflecting our mission statement. You can see them all here. The first one is in our entrance hallway, and includes everyone in our school family.