Worship is a very important part of our school life. Our daily acts of Worship take place either in classes or in the hall and focus on our core values and vision. Rev Rebecca visits school weekly and leads an act of Worship with either Key Stage one or Key Stage two. Our Worship may include singing, saying prayers, quiet times of reflection, Bible stories and sometimes a little bit of drama. We look at important people of faith and their impact on the world and see how they can inspire us with our choices. We also have prayer spaces around school for all members of the school community to reflect on our values and spend time with God. Our Worship is inclusive, invitational and inspiring and relevant for children living in today's world.

Our Christian Vision flows through everything we do - 

Scotforth St Paul’s CE Primary and Nursery School Vision

Learning, growing and caring as part of God’s family.

Jesus (the gardener) nourishes and tends us as we learn and grow, so that we can all flourish. As a vine, we are one, but all unique and special to Him. We care for each other, as God cares for us.

Please see the Overview and Worship plan for next half term.

Worship Overview

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Worship Plan

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We regularly visit St. Paul's Church

NISCU worship with Debbie, Johnny and team

Worship Together Across the Diocese with Lisa and friends - find these on the Blackburn Diocese Youtube channel

Below, you will be able to scroll through pictures of the various ways in which we can worship God, both in the past and now.