6 Feb

Y1 Gymnastic Sequences

Today we have enjoyed putting our skills that we have learnt, into our sequences on the big equipment. 

5 Feb

Y1 DT Bread Making

Today we really enjoyed making our own bread. We looked at the skills of mixing the dough and then kneading it. We are impressed with how they turned out !

1 Feb

Y1 comparing numbers

We enjoyed comparing numbers numbers to 20 with different resources today. 

31 Jan

DT- looking at different bread textures

After reading The Little Red Hen, we looked at different types of bread. We looked at the texture,  the colour and what we thought about each one. 

30 Jan

People Who Help Us

We really enjoyed Emily coming in today to tell us how she helps people in her job. We explored all the different emotions and helped animals along the way. Thank you, Emily

19 Jan

Y1-Dance Session

We enjoyed Miss Helen coming to do our dance this week. 

16 Jan

A Snowy Break Time!

We had a lovely break time today playing in the snow. We made snowballs, snow angels, snow men and lots of other creative ideas!

We could barely hold our excitement when we saw the snow falling outside so you can imagine what we were like when we were finally outside!


13 Dec

Investigating properties of Materials

We investigated the different properties of materials. We looked to see if they were bendy, waterproof or transparent.

20 Nov

Bossy Verb Hunt

We enjoyed exploring the classroom for bossy verbs, these were spotted through our instructions.

14 Nov

Adventures with Traction Man

We really enjoyed making our own adventures with Traction Man.

7 Nov

Special Toy Day

At the start of our toy topic, we brought toys that were special to us. We looked at their materials and everyone told us why they were special to them. 

2 Nov

Y1- Part whole Models

We enjoyed using a range of resources in our part whole models.