The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.


You have to be a speedy reader 'cause there's so so much to read!


Quotes from Dr Seuss


At Scotforth we love to read and we recognise the central and unique importance of reading across the entire curriculum.  In Reception and KS1 the children learn to read using a systematic and rigorous phonics programme and then continue to read to learn throughout their time at our school.  We aim to give them a rich experience of texts and to develop in them an enjoyment and love of reading.


Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is our chosen scheme for teaching phonics in school. Click here to access a video which shows the 42 main sounds taught in the scheme. This website has lots of other useful resources which you might find helpful too.


Here is a video of our Reception children practising their sounds after just 5 weeks at school.  How well they are doing!


Raising a Reader

Click on this link to watch a great Zoom session full of ideas about how to inspire your child with their reading.

Raising a Reader recording from Dandelion Learning.mp4 - Google Drive


Recommended Reads

We are sometimes asked to recommend books suitable for different aged children and here are our current lists of possible fiction books for Year 3 - Year 6 aged children. The lists are purely suggestions and by no means compulsory or exhaustive.  We would recommend that you read the synopsis of the book before deciding whether it would be suitable for, or of interest to, your child. 

Please remember that there is an expectation for children to be reading every night at home and to be filling in their reading record regularly (see also the Karate Reading Challenge document). 

Whilst the children are at a stage where they may be starting to read independently, many of these books have been chosen as they are particularly good to share with your child.  This helps them hear good reading and expression being modelled,  and also allows for you to discuss any themes or vocabulary arising from the books.  We have  many of these books in the class reading areas and so they are available to take home.  Happy reading!


Recommended Reads

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The Great Scotforth Karate Reading Challenge

Find out all about our new reading challenge.  Can you show commitment and perseverance with your home reading?  Who can get a black reading band?! 


The Great Scotforth Karate Reading Challenge

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