18 Apr

Year 3 Cave Art

We are continuing finding out about the Stone Age in our art lessons! Today we read the book First Drawing and imagined how it would be to live in the Stone Age and only have cave walls and charcoal to draw with. We use real charcoal to try to recreate some of the Stone Age animals that were drawn…

17 Apr

Year 3 Being Archaeologists ( or…Investigating Rubbish!)

We are learning about the roles of archaeologists as part of our new history topic - the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Today we worked in groups sorting through the classroom bins from yesterday. We were trying to work out which bin went with which class just by looking at what they had left behind.…

16 Apr

Exploring the Stone Age in Y3

We have started our new topic - Stone Age Britain - and today looked at the amazingly long time that the Stone Age lasted. We found out that prehistory means before written records and that for most of human history there was no writing! We used toilet roll to show how long humans have been living…

28 Mar

Year 3 and 4 Intrasports

In Year 3 and 4 we celebrated the end of term with a great afternoon of intra-sports between the different coloured teams.  We played a version cricket (having been inspired by Coach Lauren earlier this term) and there were super catches, impressive hitting and great bowling from Mrs Winder and…

27 Mar

Year 3&4 Spirituality Morning

This morning in Y3 & 4 we explored the theme of “treasures. At the beginning we came up with lots of ideas linked to treasure like gold, jewels and pirates! We then did three different activities to explore the treasures we have in our lives.  We thought about different places that are special to…

22 Mar

Making sculptures inspired by Eva Rothschild

We have been learning about famous sculptors and this week we are focusing on Eva Rothschild.  We designed sculptures inspired by her art works and then made our own using straws. We learnt how to attach straws together using pipe cleaners. We added pops of colour using stickers and coloured…

22 Mar

Morecambe Players Visit (Y3)

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from three first team Morecambe FC players. We asked them questions about their lives and their footballing careers, their favourite players and what they had enjoyed most about school. They told us about good team work and how they deal with losing…

21 Mar

Fun with Fractions in Year 3

In maths we have started to learn about fractions.  Today we played a dice game to see who could the largest fraction. We had lots of fun!


15 Mar

Measuring length in maths

In maths we have been measuring using different units. We are now experts in metres, centimetres and millimetres! Here are some pictures of us practising measuring!


15 Mar

Art in the style of Liz Pichon (AKA Tom Gates!)

For World Book Day we joined a live stream event with Liz Pichon (an author/illustrator) who read from her most recent Tom Gates’ book. She also taught us how to draw in her style. We were really pleased with our attempts and have made a class book with our drawings.


15 Mar

Exploring shadows in science (Year 3)

In science we are learning about shadows. Today we planned our own investigations to see what happens to the size of shadows when objects are nearer or further from the light source. We worked really well in our groups and pairs and did some really good scientific thinking!


15 Mar

Year 3 try cricket!

Today Coach Lauren came into school to teach us skills linked to cricket. We had lots of fun aiming at the wickets and practising bowling.