Fractions of amounts

Image of Fractions of amounts

We were finding fractions of amounts out on the playground this week. 

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Tints and shades

Image of Tints and shades

Today, we were learning how to create tints and shades for our painting work. We then used them to recreate a painting by Georgia O’Keefe.


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Observational leaf drawing

Image of Observational leaf drawing

This afternoon, Year 3 were practising their observational drawing skills. We were sketching leaves with as much detail as possible.


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Crown Green Bowling

Image of Crown Green Bowling

This afternoon, Year 3 went crown green bowling with Coach Dan.


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Snozzcumber packaging

Image of Snozzcumber packaging

Today, Year 3 were designing packaging for the snozzcumber from BFG to make them more appealing.


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Reflection investigation

Image of Reflection investigation

Which materials reflect light the best? Year 3 investigated this today. We found  that shinier materials and white materials were better at reflecting light and that black was very bad for reflection.


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Book day in Year 3

Image of Book day in Year 3

Today was Scotforth’s book day which was based around the story The Day the Crayons Quit. We wrote a letter to the beige crayon to cheer it up and we made some animations using Scratch.


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DT 3D nets

Image of DT 3D nets

Today, we have been learning about 3D nets as part of our DT work on packaging. 

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Are all metals magnetic?

Image of Are all metals magnetic?

This week we have been investigating whether all metals are magnetic. 

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River Nile fact finding

Image of River Nile fact finding

Today, we were looking for facts to help us find out why the river Nile was important to the Ancient Egyptians.


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Experimental drawing

Image of Experimental drawing

This afternoon, we have been experimenting with drawing. We have looked at artwork by William Morris to see how he uses colour and textures in his prints. The children were then asked to copy a photograph but they weren’t allowed to take their pencil off the page whilst drawing. It was very…

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Image of Printing

This afternoon, we started our printing topic in Art. We looked at artwork by William Morris, Richard Shimmel and Lisa Stubbs. We then used carbon paper to print pictures we had drawn onto our paper in repeating patterns.


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