24 Nov

Invasion games

In PE, we have been practising different skills that are needed to play invasion games. We have been passing using bounce and chest passes, we have been dribbling and we have also been thinking of tactics to try to outwit the opposition. We divided the playground into sections today and had to…

15 Nov

Year 4 Prayers

In their RE lesson, Year 4 went outside to appreciate God’s wonderful world. We thought about what we were grateful and thankful for. Next, we wrote some prayers to God. Once they were laminated, we hung them on the railings for other children to share.

7 Nov

Practical maths- area

Year 4 started their new maths unit on area with some practical activities. Some of the children created irregular shapes in the hall with Miss Green. They had to make as many irregular shapes as possible using 6 or 8 squares. They had to remember that the squares had to be the same size and not…

2 Nov

Chas Jacobs visit to school

Yesterday the local artist Chas Jacobs came to work in school. Chas is a former pupil of our school.

The day started with Chas talking to the whole school about his passion. He encouraged everyone to follow their passion to make them happy. Chas explained how he had always enjoyed art as a…

2 Nov

Dissolving and filtering

We have been investigating which solids dissolve in water. We found out that sugar, salt and coffee do dissolve, they are soluble. Sand and rice do not dissolve, they are insoluble. We then filtered our mixtures to see if we could get the particles back but we could only retrieve the sand and…

1 Nov

Year 4 Geography

Yesterday, the children took part of their Geography lesson outside. They had been learning about the eight points of the compass. They played a game running between various points which helped with their learning but also got most of them puffed out! This lesson ties in with the orienteering they…

20 Oct

Football subtraction

We have been practising written calculations in maths this week, so today we used our understanding of how to complete subtractions using exchanging by playing a football game outside. We had to run from one football post to collect a number and then run to another football post to collect another…

19 Oct

Where is the best place to dry our washing?

Today we were investigating the best place to dry our washing. Each group chose a different type of cloth and decided how much water to put on each one. We had to put the same amount on each one to make sure the test was fair. We weighed the cloths and then chose different locations around the…

17 Oct

Year 4 orienteering

Year 4 spent some time this afternoon orienteering in the playground. The children had to identify the buildings and features on the map and then orientate the map correctly. There were 9 checkpoints around the school grounds identified by a number. At each checkpoint there was a letter which when…

12 Oct

Non-Newtonian fluid

We have been exploring the mixture of cornflour and water. It is known as a non-Newtonian fluid as it doesn’t follow the rules for either a solid or a liquid. We squeezed it, turning it into a solid and them let it go to see it turn back into a liquid. It was really fun, interesting and…

12 Oct

Does gas weigh?

Today we have been learning about Joseph Priestley, the man who invented fizzy drinks. He worked out that if he put a gas called carbon dioxide into drinks it made them fizzy. We have been investigating whether gas weighs anything by shaking bottle and letting the carbon dioxide escape. We found…

12 Oct

Dancing raisins

We made raisins dance today by putting them into a glass of lemonade. The bubbles (carbon dioxide) made the raisins dance. We talked about how this happens.