As well as praying, we can learn two really important things from the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The first is about service. The Queen offered her whole self in serving this nation and the Commonwealth family. She made her life a gift which is something which all Christians try to do, just like Jesus who made his life a gift when he died for us. So how can you follow the Queen’s example and serve other people? We all have gifts we can use in service. We can visit elderly family members. We can raise money for charity. We can be good friends to people who are going through difficult times. We can help out with jobs at home. We can take steps to protect the environment. By living as servants, we can make a difference, just like the Queen did.

And the second thing we can learn from Queen Elizabeth is about faithfulness. Through good times and bad, the Queen went on trusting in Jesus, believing with all her heart that he had set her free. She also spoke about her faith and was never afraid to share it with others. She shows us the importance of faith in giving us courage and hope.