19 Oct

Year 5 and 6 Book Cafe

On Friday 18th October Year 5 and 6 held a Book Cafe.  Over a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant, we shared books that we had enjoyed over this half-term and read book reviews that we had written.  Some of us even read aloud passages to give a sense of what the books were like.  We gave…

17 Oct

Year 6 Playleaders

Today we started our playleader training with Scott and Greg. We learnt how to do a warm-up session and soon, if we pass the young leader award, we will be helping to organise and run games with the infants at lunchtimes. Look out for us soon on a playground near…

6 Oct

Jabberwocky Art

Recently we have been learning about the Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky. In art, we tried to imagine what the fantasy world of the poem would look like and painted our idea for the setting.  We then used collage to create some of the animals in the poem.  See if you can work out which creatures…

6 Oct

Great Scotforth Bake Off Year 6

On Friday 5th October, Scotforth held its very own Bake Off!  We had loads of entries and the standards were AMAZING!  In Year 6, we had a great time tasting and judging the different entries.  You can probably tell how much we enjoyed ourselves! Have a look at some of our creations.   A special…

29 Sep

Science Hunters and Minecraft Year 6

On Friday 28th September, Jackie, Tom and Sophie from Science Hunters at Lancaster University came to lead a science workshop with Years 5 and 6 about pollination.  We were all very excited as we were learning through "playing" Minecraft! First of all we learnt about the life-cycle of  plants and…

23 May

Fun at the Netball!

We all had great time at the netball tournament at Moorside School today. We may not have won, but well done everyone on your great sportsmanship and attitude.


22 May

Hogwarts Job Applications

This week Year 5 have been writing application letters for jobs at Hogwarts. On Tuesday the class acted as application panels and decided whether the letters were strong enough to be accepted for the jobs applied for.

17 May

Team Building Exercises

Today, Year 5 have been doing some team building exercises with Miss Flynn as part of their PSHE lesson. 

29 Jan

Peace Proms Extravaganza!

Liverpool rocks! On Saturday 27th January, children from Year 5 and 6 performed with over 2000 other children at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. We were accompanied by the Cross Border Youth Orchestra, Ireland who were brilliant.  We had been practising the songs (and moves!) for many weeks and had a…

12 Jan

NISCU Bible Session with Debbie

Today, Debbie from NISCU brought her very large bible to school to talk to us about all the different things the bible contains.

12 Jan

Great Scotforth Bake Off Final

This week the finals of The Great Scotforth Bake Off took place in Year 5. The challenge - to design and make their own showstopper bread roll.

Unfortunately Paul and Mary were unavailable so judging was passed on to Miss Huddleston.


8 Dec

Great Scotforth Bake Off

Paul Hollywood has nothing on Year 5! We have been baking bread as part of our Design and Technology work.