Goodbye Year 6!

Image of Goodbye Year 6!

Today we said goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 class. Yesterday they enjoyed sharing their memories and achievements during our Leavers’ Service in St. Paul’s church. Several children also received awards (see this week’s newsletter for details). It was lovely to welcome back last year’s recipients…

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Year 6’s Pizza Surprise!

Image of Year 6’s Pizza Surprise!

Year 6 had a surprise this afternoon when a special delivery arrived for them. Thank you very much to Scot4All who kindly provided pizza for us. As you can see, we certainly enjoyed this unexpected treat.

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Heart Start first aid session

Image of Heart Start first aid session

Today, we finished off our first aid training, based on the Heart Start programme. Last week we learnt what to do if we find someone who needs urgent help, how to check if they are responsive and breathing, along with how to put an unconscious but breathing casualty into the recovery position.…

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Y6 learn about the law

Image of Y6 learn about the law

Today one of our governors, Mr Carson-Brown, came to visit us to talk about his job as a police officer, as another element of our work on Citizenship. We discussed why we need laws and he explained how laws are made. We thought about problems such as anti-social behaviour and the importance of…

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Macbeth performance

Image of Macbeth performance

Year 6 have been learning the story of Macbeth, one of William Shakespeare’s plays. Today they did their first performance of their very own version. Shakespeare’s original play certainly didn’t include singing assassins and rappers!

The children did a brilliant job and are looking forward to a…

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NISCU Talk about Transition

Image of NISCU Talk about Transition

Debbie and Jonny from NISCU came this afternoon to talk about moving on to high school. 
We looked at the story of Joseph in the Old Testament and thought about the ups and downs in his life. Throughout his life he never gave up, even in the difficult times. He trusted God through it all. 

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Year 6's Lake District adventure

Image of Year 6's Lake District adventure

What a great day Year 6 had today! We have been learning about the Lake District in our geography lessons, as well as reading "Spylark" in class and they came together today as we enjoyed a walk up Todd Cragg (AKA Brockbarrow in Danny Rurlander's "Spylark"). The weather was glorious and the views…

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Y6 visit to County Hall

Image of Y6 visit to County Hall

Year 6 had a long but interesting day today on their visit to County Hall. We began bright and early by walking down to the station and catching the train to Preston. As part of this term’s Citizenship activities, we spent the morning with Mr. Mynott, who took us into Lancashire County Council’s…

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Y6’s Historic Lancaster trip

Image of Y6’s Historic Lancaster trip

Year 6 had a busy day visiting some key locations in the city to bring their work on the history of Lancaster to life. We walked from school into the city centre, passing the old Victorian railway station near what is now the hospital, and White Cross Mill, which was owned by the locally…

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Chemical Reactions

Image of Chemical Reactions

Year 6 have been learning about how chemical changes are irreversible, as a new material is created. The materials in their original forms are known as reactants, yet when the chemical change occurs, these reactants work together to form a product!

Year 6 loved exploring how milk and vinegar…

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Research scientists visit Year 6

Image of Research scientists visit Year 6

Today, Dr Rigby and three of her colleagues from Lancaster University came to teach us about their jobs as research scientists. She explained how she had become a scientist and the work she does as an immunologist, learning how viruses work and how to develop vaccines. She helped us understand how…

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Art in the woods

Image of Art in the woods

Today, Year 6 imaged themselves in the Australian outback, as we went to Dorrington Woods to do some “bark” painting. Australian Aborigines would paint designs on sheets of bark to help them remember stories or communicate a message. We replicated this idea using sheets of plywood to paint on, but…

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