18 Dec

Creating Scientific Keys

In science we have looked at using keys to classify things, particularly living things. Today we used our knowledge of keys to create our own ones for a wide variety of sweets! We had to look at size, colour, texture, the ingredients and the structure in order to sort the different sweets. Look at…

17 Dec

Bible Explorer Lessons in Year 6

Over the last 5 weeks, we have been going through the New Testament stories and themes with James Bovinizer from Bible Explorers. We have learnt about every book in the New Testament and learnt some key actions to go with the main ideas. This now means we have covered the entire Bible as we learnt…

10 Dec

Hockey in Year 6

Since September we have been having weekly hockey lessons with Coach Nick. Our skills have definitely improved over this time. Today we finished with a mini tournament and Coach Nick was really impressed with our attitude as well as our skills.


10 Dec

Finishing our Christmas Prints

We have been working on our Christmas prints for weeks now, building up the different layers of colours. It has been great to have Naomi to help teach us some of the key skills. Have a look at some of our finished prints. We are really proud of them!




30 Nov

Enterprise week

Year 6 Enterprise Week has begun! Our teams have been assigned, our jobs have been agreed and we have begun to plan how we will use the £12 given to each team, in order to make the best profit we can at the Christmas Market next Friday. We have already started making some products. As the week…

11 Nov

Printing in Year 6

Today we started our Christmas cards. We needed to start really early as we are making layered prints and they take a long time to dry... We were joined by Mrs St-John, who is an art teacher. She helped us to design an effective image and do our first layer of prints. We'll show you how they turn…

7 Nov

Remembrance event at Clitheroe Castle

On Thursday 7th November, Year 6 visited Clitheroe Castle to learn more about World War 1 and the importance of remembrance. We looked at a special tin, given to each soldier by Princess Mary as a Christmas gift in December 2014. This particular tin was found in no-man's land and contained a…

29 Oct

Year 6 STEM workshop

Can you fit 5 people through an A4 piece of paper? If you think the answer is no, then talk to some Year 6 children who now know better! This is because we were visited today by Dr Irene Wise from Lancaster University who talked to us about  STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and…

16 Oct

investigating DT Shelters in Year 6

In Year 6 we are investigating how to make strong and effective shelters. Today we working in teams to see who could make the strongest structure using a limited amount of materials including card, straws, pipe cleaners, paper and sellotape. Natty, Rebecca and Phoebe's team was the winning one as…

9 Oct

Y6 Lockerbie Assembly

On Tuesday 8th October we held our Lockerbie assembly. Since we returned from Lockerbie we have thought and written about our experience there and what we have learnt from our trip away. We shared our memories (and lots of photographs!) with our families and the rest of the school and then we had…

24 Sep

Jabberwocky Paintings

We have been studying the Jabberwocky poem by Lewis Carroll and discussing the moods that the poem creates. Today we used two primary colours and mixed them to create lots of different shades of colour. We then used paper collages to depict the fantasy characters in the poem: the Bandersnatch, the…

9 Jul

Y5 help out at Nursery Sports

Year 5 had chance to help out at the Nursery Sports Day this afternoon. They were responsible for running a selection of activities as well as supporting some of the nursery children as they tried them out. Mrs Atkinson was very grateful for their help.