12 Jan

Dividing by 4

Year 3 have been learning all about division this week.  We learnt that dividing means two things - grouping and sharing.

15 Dec

Mr Stephens visits Year 3

Mr Stephens came to see Year 3 today to tell us all about his job. He manages a car dealership in Blackburn. He also brought with him a sports car which went down really well with the children, especially when they got to sit inside it.

14 Dec

Sianna's mum visits Y3

Sianna's mum came to talk to Y3 about her job at the power station!!  We learnt a lot about all the different jobs that people do there and even more about electricity!


12 Dec

Snow at Scotforth!

Y3 decided to brave the cold and play out in the snow!!  It was very chilly so we didn't stay long!!  And sadly there wasn't enough snow to make a big snowman.  We did try though!!!


7 Dec

Joseph's uncle visits Y3

Joseph's uncle Geoff came to talk to Y3 about his career in the fire service.  He brought past and present uniforms for us to try on and to compare! We learnt a lot and now lots of us would like a job in the fire service.