15 Nov

Enjoying drama.

We had a fantastic session with Ali from Pyjama Drama this morning. We had to help the Gruffalo when he had toothache.



11 Nov


We have been having fun dancing with Coach Louise today. 

6 Nov

Autumn walk in the garden.

We enjoyed a walk in the garden looking at all the different leaves and berries.


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17 Jul

Nursery and reception had a 'summer holiday' themed fun day!

We had a fabulous summer holiday themed fun day, starting with packing a suitcase activities, sun cream safety and even a life like aeroplane experience!!

Our grown ups, brothers and sisters came in the afternoon for some snakes and ladders, limbo, connect 4, bouncy castle, parachute and crazy…

11 Jul

Nursery investigated an exciting vehicle out of the window...

There was lots of excitement today in nursery when friends spotted this man in his vehicle through our window. We quickly went outside to see what he was doing to the lamp post. He waved at us as we watched him change light bulb. Some of us thought this job was the best job…

11 Jul

Nursery sports

We had so much fun at our nursery sports day!

Our grown ups came to watch us and we completed lots of different throwing, catching and balancing events. We then had running races, egg and spoon races and even the sack race!

We were presented with shiny medals whilst everyone…

11 Jul

Nursery visit to church

Nursery went on a shape hunt in church.

 We had a look outside then found lots of different shapes inside too. We explored and looked closely all around.


10 May

Nursery 'growing' topic.

Out topic this half term is 'growing'. We listened to the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' then planted our own beans, cress seeds and flowers. We have balanced up a beanstalk into a castle in our outdoor area and looked closely at our beans slowly growing. We are drawing and cutting out leaves…

2 Apr

South lakes zoo trip

Nursery went on a coach to South lakes zoo for the day. We saw lots of animals and enjoyed playing on the park. 

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20 Mar

Nursery stay and play teddy bear day!

We wrote some invitations inviting our grown ups to stay and play at the teddy bears' activity morning. We enjoyed exploring the activities with them and showing them around.

5 Mar

Nursery enjoy Shrove Tuesday!

Today we talked about it being a special day and looked inside Mrs Atkinson's shopping bag. She had flour, eggs, milk and fruit. We chatted about how we are getting ready for Easter and learnt a new pancake song,

Mix a pancake,

Stir a pancake,

Pop it in a pan.

Fry the pancake,