23 Mar

Egg rolling

Yesterday we painted some boiled eggs and left them overnight to dry. Today we rolled the eggs down the playground which turned out to be the perfect hill. All of the children’s eggs made it to the bottom. We had a few sad faces when the eggs cracked but our chocolate prizes soon cheered us up. We…

12 Mar

World book day in nursery!

We enjoyed dressing up for World book day today in nursery. We shared some new stories and retold the story of Little red riding hood, using masks and figures. 
We also guessed who each other were dressed up as! 




16 Dec

Look at our special visitor!

A very special visitor came to Nursery and told us we had been good. He has brought us a present 

16 Dec

Christmas lunch

We were very excited to have Christmas crackers with our lunch today. We discovered that it’s fun to pull the cracker with a friend.

10 Dec

Look at us!

We have taken turns to dress up as our favourite character from the Nativity story.

10 Dec

The Christmas story

We have heard lots of versions of the traditional Nativity. Our favourite part of the story is mean King Herod. We are all happy that Jesus escaped with Mary and Joseph to Egypt.

10 Dec

Getting ready for Christmas

We are counting down the days to Christmas. We are making lots of Christmas gifts to bring home.