10 Feb

Have a peek!

We have been very busy today setting up the new temporary Nursery classroom. We can’t wait to show you around after the half term break.

7 Feb

To the rescue!

After all of the teddies in Nursery went missing we decided to make hero capes and go and find them. We have developed our mark making skills and written our superhero name on the back. We have listened to and used lots of positional language to describe where they were found.

24 Jan

Chinese New Year

We have celebrated with our friends in Nursery. We have taken part in lots of craft activities and tried to eat Chinese food with chopsticks. 

11 Jan

Playing outside

Outside we have different challenges and activities for the Nursery children. This week the children are strengthening their hand muscles. They are spraying the fires with water bottles. We are talking about amounts to five and looking at the numeral that represents each.

11 Jan


Today two fish have come to Nursery. We are going to look after them whilst their owners are on holiday. We have talked about the rules we will need to keep them safe, linking it with our kind hands board. Each day we will choose a child from the kind hands board to feed the fish.

9 Dec

Winter scenes

In Nursery we encourage all children to be creative. We provided a range of loose parts for children to create winter scenes after looking at paintings on our computer. We are using the pictures for our cards this year. No two cards will be the same.

2 Dec

Winter is here!

We are using all of our new skills including holding scissors in one hands to make a snowflake. This week in Nursery we have been talking about Winter. We already know that it gets cold in Winter and we need our hats and scarves. 

11 Nov

X marks the spot

Today we have followed a simple map to find a new toy for Nursery. We have used lots of directional language. The children were very good at looking for clues on each photo to find the next place to look. 

18 Oct

Our sense of smell

Today we used our sense of smell . We decided if we liked the smell or not and had a go at guessing what might be making the smell. We use our senses to explore and make sense of the world around us.

30 Sep

We are all different!

Look at our elephant pictures. No two are alike,just like no two children in nursery are exactly the same. We heard that God makes us all unique.

23 Sep

Look who we met!

Today we met Harold the giraffe. He told us that food would give us energy. He talked about how important sleep was to help our bodies grow and repair themselves.

14 Sep

Looking after myself

This morning we met the reception children and found out how to look after our teeth. We found out how to brush all the different surfaces and got to take a new toothbrush home.