5 Feb

Y1 DT Bread Making

Today we really enjoyed making our own bread. We looked at the skills of mixing the dough and then kneading it. We are impressed with how they turned out !

2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Mrs Walsh came to judge our bread. She chose 3 winners. 
Chloe made a cat, Danny made a hedgehog and Sophie made a tortoise. 
Well done to our winners. 

2 Feb

Making our own bread

We used our plans to mix, knead, shape, bake and decorate our own bread. We worked sensibly and safely and our finished products were very impressive. 

31 Jan

DT- looking at different bread textures

After reading The Little Red Hen, we looked at different types of bread. We looked at the texture,  the colour and what we thought about each one. 

18 Jan

Year 5 learn a basic bread recipe

Today in our DT lesson we found out which ingredients were needed to make white bread. Working in a small group we followed a recipe. Each person in the group had their own piece of dough to knead and shape. Our bread was baked this afternoon then we got to take it home to eat. 
Next lesson we…

12 Jan

Year 5 evaluate existing bread products

Today in Year 5 we looked at different kinds of bread and compared them. This was lesson 1 in our new DT topic. We used our sense of sight, touch, smell and best of all TASTE!! The evaluation of existing products is step one of the design process. Next week we will move on to look at baking basic…

12 Jan

Y6 shelters put to the test

Year 6 have finally finished building their shelters to house a family of four Playmobile people. Once we had constructed a strong framework, we had to plan carefully about how to make them tough, waterproof and wind proof. The photos show our shelters before we tested and evaluated them. In fact,…

12 Dec

Y6 shelter making

This week, Year 6 have been making a start on constructing their shelters, which they have been designing. The task is to design and make a shelter to house a family of four playmobile people, which must withstand wind, rain and pressure from above. Today, we focussed on our cutting skills, using…

11 Dec

Y6 Enterprise Week

Last week, Year 6 had a very busy week, preparing for the Christmas Fair. They were split into six groups and each loaned £15 by SCOT4ALL. Each group had to work as a team to design and make items to sell at the fair with the aim of making a profit to be given back to SCOT4ALL.

Each group had a…

6 Dec

Cutting skills for our DT decoration

This afternoon, we were practising our cutting skills for when we make a decoration next week. We were very careful and trying to cut as neatly as possible.

18 Jul

DT -playgrounds

We enjoyed looking at the shapes we needed to use to help make our structures stronger. We designed our structures and discussed how we can join the models to make them move. 

7 Jul

Year 5 Moving Models

Today we have used our own plans to create a moving model with a cam mechanism. We have designed a background and a foreground which compliments our moving figure. All of are ideas are based on our theme of Journeys.