17 May

Angles outdoors

We have been learning about angles outdoors today. We looked at angles around us and then made angles with our bodies. Using sticks, we made pictures and named the angles correctly using the words acute, obtuse and right angles.

13 May

Maths in the sunshine

Following our first SATstests of the week, Year 6 enjoyed another afternoon outside in the sunshine. This time we were solving maths problems to collect clues to work out an anagram - very complicated but great fun too!


8 May

Measuring capacity (and trying not to get too wet!)

We are learning about capacity and volume in maths. Today we started this new topic with a practical session finding the capacity of lots of different containers. We used coloured water to make it easier to see. We estimated for each different container and our estimates got better as we went…

7 May

Making Equal Groups Y1

We made equal groups and made a repeated addition number sentence to work out the answer. 

7 May

Partitioning decimals

Year 4 have been flexibly partitioning decimals. We have been doing this in a very practical way using place value counters. We had to come up with 5 different ways to partition each decimal.

3 May

Measuring using rulers in Y1

We enjoyed using rulers to measure in cms.

3 May

Decimal decision game

We have played a decimal decision game today. We used our knowledge of place value when using decimals to decide where to put our chosen digit to make the largest number, smallest number or have an odd/even number in the tenths/hundredths column. 

1 May

Beginning to Measure in Y1

We went around the classroom and outside the classroom to measure objects using non standard units. We used cubes to measure !

26 Apr

Busy morning in Y3!

This morning we did some cave art (see other blog), some spelling practice, some history (investigating the work of archaeologists) and even some practical maths measuring mass. And that was all before break time! Phew! Well done Year 3!


19 Apr

Tenths on a number line

Today, we have been learning about tenths on a number line in maths. Rulers show this really well. We have used rulers to measure lines and write the lengths in decimals. Each millimetre is a tenth of a centimetre. We drew pictures with our rulers using lengths written in decimals.

21 Mar

Fun with Fractions in Year 3

In maths we have started to learn about fractions.  Today we played a dice game to see who could the largest fraction. We had lots of fun!


15 Mar

Measuring length in maths

In maths we have been measuring using different units. We are now experts in metres, centimetres and millimetres! Here are some pictures of us practising measuring!