5 Jun

Investigating the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon

Today we went outside to work in small groups. We took turns to be the Sun, Earth or Moon and orbited and spun to show how the 3 spherical bodies work together. This was a great introduction to our new science topic, even if it did leave us feeling a little dizzy. 

5 Jun

Year 4 Music

Today, Year 4 started learning to play the recorder. We learnt how to hold the recorder, how to blow softly and the fingering for the notes b and a. We haven’t quite mastered blowing softly yet so we decided to make this into an outdoor lesson so it wasn’t quite so loud. We have managed to learn a…

17 May

Angles outdoors

We have been learning about angles outdoors today. We looked at angles around us and then made angles with our bodies. Using sticks, we made pictures and named the angles correctly using the words acute, obtuse and right angles.

13 May

Maths in the sunshine

Following our first SATstests of the week, Year 6 enjoyed another afternoon outside in the sunshine. This time we were solving maths problems to collect clues to work out an anagram - very complicated but great fun too!


9 May

Outdoor SPAG

Year 6 have enjoyed some active SPAG revision this morning, working in pairs to find and answer questions about grammar and punctuation. After lunch, the sun came out, so we spent the afternoon practising our ‘-shun’ spelling patterns and prefixes in two team activities.

7 May

Growing walk

We have been looking for things that grow outdoors. We took photos of each other using the iPad. 

2 May

Y4 Crown Green Bowling

It’s been a hot afternoon practising our crown green bowling skills today. Coach Dan taught us how to hold the bowl and how to use the weight to make our bowl travel in the right direction. We certainly improved as the afternoon went on.

22 Mar

Investigating water and air resistance

What a lot of investigating we have been doing in science this week! Our experiments were linked to water and air resistance. We made different shapes out of play dough and dropped them in water to see which travelled faster. The sausage shape created less water resistance and was the fastest…

14 Mar

Which surfaces create more friction?

We have been investigating which surfaces create more friction by pulling a bag across a variety of surfaces and measuring the amount of force needed to pull it. 

7 Feb

Eco group check up on our trees

At lunchtime today, our KS2 Eco ambassadors ventured down to the school field with Miss Huddleston and Hilary (from the Friends of Dorrington Woods) to check up on the second batch of saplings which our Year 6 children planted in November. We made sure the tree guards were still in place and, most…

21 Nov

Planting our trees

We had perfect weather today for planting the 105 trees we have been given by the Woodland Trust. We planted them on the school field, creating a hedge along the fence and a clump of trees in one corner. The saplings included hazel, Rowan, blackthorn, elder and crab apple. Hilary from the Friends…

15 Nov

Year 4 Prayers

In their RE lesson, Year 4 went outside to appreciate God’s wonderful world. We thought about what we were grateful and thankful for. Next, we wrote some prayers to God. Once they were laminated, we hung them on the railings for other children to share.