8 Mar


Thank you to Lauren who came in this week to teach us some cricket skills.  

8 Mar

Biggest Girls’ Football Day

It was great to see so many girls wanting to play football. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Anya who plays for Morecambe Ladies also came down. 

6 Feb

Y1 Gymnastic Sequences

Today we have enjoyed putting our skills that we have learnt, into our sequences on the big equipment. 

5 Feb

Yoga Club

We enjoyed taking part in our Yoga Club tonight. We looked at using balance, co-ordination and strengthening.

26 Jan

Electricity dance

Miss Helen is teaching us dances linked to our Science topic on electricity. We have thought of different movements to make an electrical circuit dance with a partner and incorporated switches, wires and different components into our sequence. 

19 Jan

Y1-Dance Session

We enjoyed Miss Helen coming to do our dance this week. 

7 Dec

Y4 Christmas Dodgeball Party

Today, Y4 had a brilliant time at the Dodgeball Christmas Party. Coach Wilcock taught us different tactics and teamwork. We listened to Christmas music whilst we played Christmas Tree Dodgeball, Santa’s Elves and Hide the Present. It was lots of fun and very festive. 

24 Nov

Invasion games

In PE, we have been practising different skills that are needed to play invasion games. We have been passing using bounce and chest passes, we have been dribbling and we have also been thinking of tactics to try to outwit the opposition. We divided the playground into sections today and had to…

4 Oct

Y5/6 Boys Football Tournament

Well done to the children who represented Scotforth St Paul’s this week. We made it to the semi-finals! 
Thank you to our wonderful parents for your support. 

26 Sep

Young Leaders Y6 and Y1

We enjoyed having the Year 6 using their leadership skills this morning. They were showing us some of the playtime games that we could play at break time. 

26 Sep

Play leaders refresher training

Year 6 spent this morning with Scott Wilcox, refreshing the training they did last year to be Playleaders for the younger children. They went over some of the basics of organising games to make sure they are fun, safe and active. Then Year 1 joined them, so they could try out their skills and some…

15 Sep

Our last day at Lockerbie

Our adventure at Lockerbie finished on a “high” today, with all groups tackling the climbing wall and the abseil tower. We were able to use the skills we learnt and our experiences from crate stacking and high ropes to help us in these final challenges. Following a final meal, we set off home and…