20 May

Lancaster Fire and Rescue service

This morning, Lancaster Fire and Rescue Service came to visit us. We learned about what they do and ways to be safe at home.

12 Oct

Year 2 RE

Today we had a visit from Debbie and Abi from NISCU. We learnt about some of the stories from the Bible and how the Bible is important and special for Christians. We sang some songs and made our own mini Bibles.

23 Feb

People Who Help Us - Parent Volunteers

Thank you to Mr Sowerby who came in to tell us how he helps us. He brought in lots of equipment and showed us how he used them. We thoroughly enjoyed listening. Thank you

17 Jun

Year 5 immunology

Today Dr Rigby visited us from Lancaster University. She taught us all about the flu virus and how vaccinations protect our bodies. She brought some very cute cuddly viruses which we all loved ( what a shame the real things are not as cute). 
We also put on lab coats, plastic gloves and safety…

9 Jun

Jubilee Celebrations

What a fabulous day! We have managed to squeeze in so much! An assembly with Mrs Boyle all about the Commonwealth Games, a procession with the Jubilee baton, sports linked to different Commonwealth countries, passing the baton to the next school at Williamson's Park, a picnic lunch on the field…

24 Jan

Lancaster Fire & Rescue Service- Safety Talk

Year 6 were very lucky to meet Kenny, who came by to see us this afternoon to teach us about keeping ourselves safe, especially with our transition to Secondary School in mind. We recapped fire safety from previous years and looked at various aspects of Road Safety, including for pedestrians,…

10 Dec

Our Super Showcase!

Year 6 have worked so hard this term during our Bounce Forward lessons, run by Sharon from Lancashire Mind! For our final session, we explained our learning through a performance, using our new resilience training to memorise lines and speak, dance and sing in front of an audience!

We invited…

8 Dec


How lucky we are to have welcomed none other than British Fencing Paralympian, Justine Moore!

Justine was so generous to come in and work with the children who attend 'Fencing Club', providing them with a very rare opportunity of not only receiving advice from a Paralympic champion, but to…

12 Nov

Step Up (& Back in Time)!

This morning, Year 6 had an absolute blast (to the past!) during their 'Turns & Tunes' session with Mikey and Jenny!

We learned a traditional country dance and a range of step dances which are all part of our Lancashire heritage. We enjoyed listened to Mikey play the fiddle and watching Jenny…

12 Nov


Year 6 are so lucky to be working with our fabulous visitor to Scotforth, Naomi, every Thursday for the term! Naomi is an experienced Secondary School Art Teacher and was generous enough to offer to come into school to work with the children whilst they are doing their new art unit:…