Year 6 were extremely fortunate with the weather today for their geography field trip to the Lake District.

We set off early in the morning and headed for Ambleside, where we walked up to Todd Crag. At the top we had a spectacular view of Windermere and the surrounding fells, but could see the rain clouds heading towards us as we orientated our maps and drew field sketches. As we came back down, we were also treated to a fly-past of three jet planes overhead! Fortunately we were able to shelter from the worst of the rain in the woods on the way back to the coach.

Next we travelled to Waterhead to catch the ferry to Brockhole. The sun was shining again so we sat on the open top deck, taking in the views of the fells, wildlife and people using the lake for recreation. After lunch (and some very welcome ice-cream) we spent the rest of the afternoon with Ruth and Melanie from the Lake District National Park, who helped us think about why people might visit the Lake District and understand some of the issues of having so many visitors to the area. We looked around Brockhole to find evidence of how the LDNP try to solve these problems, including littering, transport and damage to the physical environment. Finally we were reminded that on a visit to the Lakes we should "take only pictures and leave only footprints".