10 Jul

A grand day out

The rain held off long enough for the nursery children to explore all of the transport themed frames in the play area. We have worked hard to take turns and wait patiently.

5 Jul

Year 3 Visit Williamson Park

What an amazing day we have had at Williamson Park. First we visited the Butterfly House where we learnt all about different animals that thrive in a rainforest environment. It was very warm and humid! We were able to meet a tortoise, a turtle and a cockroach. As you can see from our faces we had…

20 Jun


This week we have been talking about places we would like to visit and how we would get there. The children voted on their favourite place and wrote their name to show which they preferred. The top two places were soft play closely followed by swimming.

18 Jun

Watercolour rainforest flowers

In science, Mrs Dowson has been teaching us all about plants and their lifecycles and in geography we are learning all about plants of the rainforest and how they survive.  Today we drew and painted some hibiscus flowers using watercolour pencils.  We really enjoyed mixing colours and seeing how…

17 Jun

The River Lune - from source to see in a day!

Year 4 learned all about rivers earlier in the year, but today they had the chance to take a journey down the River Lune, from its source at Newbiggin-on-Lune in Cumbria all the way down to the estuary beyond Glasson Dock. We started off at St. Helen's Well - the source of the Lune - just outside…

13 Jun

Y6 Local history day

The sun shone for Year 6 today as they walked into Lancaster. Having learned about the development of the settlement of Lancaster in class, we followed our maps (both a modern OS map and a 1610 version) down the A6 before walking past White Cross then down Penny Street and Market Street up to the…

11 Jun

Sounds and sights of the rainforest!

Today we started our new geography topic - Wonders of the Rainforest!  We listened to the sound of a tropical rainforest and drew what we could hear or imagine. We then wrote down our ideas about rainforests and what we already know.  We are looking forward to learning lots…

6 Jun

Investigating Dorrington Woods! (Y3)

In English, we are reading the book "The Lost Words" which is full of poems about nature nouns like bluebells and conkers.  Today we investigated Dorrington Woods to find some nature nouns of our own.  Even on the walk there we were amazed by the way that plants and animals can thrive in really…

29 Jan

The Great British bird count

Today we took part in the national bird count. We saw two pigeons and four crows!

We used our binoculars to look up 8th the trees.

8 Nov

Eco group check up on our trees

The Eco group managed to avoid the rain today and went out at lunchtime to check up on the trees we planted around the edge of the school field last year. With the help of Hilary from the Friends of Dorrington Woods, we learnt how to take off the tree guards and check if the saplings were still…

1 Nov

Year 4 Geography

Yesterday, the children took part of their Geography lesson outside. They had been learning about the eight points of the compass. They played a game running between various points which helped with their learning but also got most of them puffed out! This lesson ties in with the orienteering they…

4 Oct

Exploring atlases in Year 3

In geography we are finding out about the countries in different continents. Today we used the indexes at the back of the atlases to look up different countries such as Brazil, France and Egypt. We found out which continents the countries are in and also used the maps to find out which countries…