27 Feb

Y6 Explore Eucharist

This afternoon Y6 braved the rain to meet Rev. Rebecca at church. She gave us a very warm welcome and took us through the Eucharist order of service. She explained how and why Christians celebrate Eucharist and the significance of all the items involved. This has helped us to see more links…

30 Jan

Passover 2024

In R.E. Y6 have been learning about how God used Moses to lead the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt. Just as Jesus did, Jews today still remember this significant event in their history, through the festival of Passover. Today we had fun re-creating a Passover Seder and were able to…

12 Jan

Y6 shelters put to the test

Year 6 have finally finished building their shelters to house a family of four Playmobile people. Once we had constructed a strong framework, we had to plan carefully about how to make them tough, waterproof and wind proof. The photos show our shelters before we tested and evaluated them. In fact,…

20 Dec

Year 6 carol singing at Ashton Manor

Year 6 braved the weather this afternoon to visit Ashton Manor to sing carols to the residents. Both the children and the residents enjoyed themselves, and there was even a surprise visit from Father Christmas who brought us some delicious cookies and drinks as we chatted after our singing.

14 Dec

Christmas card printing in Year 6

Over the last three weeks, we have been working hard on developing our printing skills, to create our Christmas cards for this year. We used polystyrene blocks to cut out our basic design. We then used special printing ink to evenly coat our blocks before transferring the design onto paper. 

12 Dec

Y6 shelter making

This week, Year 6 have been making a start on constructing their shelters, which they have been designing. The task is to design and make a shelter to house a family of four playmobile people, which must withstand wind, rain and pressure from above. Today, we focussed on our cutting skills, using…

11 Dec

Y6 Enterprise Week

Last week, Year 6 had a very busy week, preparing for the Christmas Fair. They were split into six groups and each loaned £15 by SCOT4ALL. Each group had to work as a team to design and make items to sell at the fair with the aim of making a profit to be given back to SCOT4ALL.

Each group had a…

11 Dec

Carol singing at Chirnside House

This afternoon, Year 6 went to Chirnside House to help Rev Catherine with her Christmas Carol service for the residents. We sang carols and some of us also read the Bible readings. When we had finished, we had the chance to chat to the residents before walking back to school.

21 Nov

Planting our trees

We had perfect weather today for planting the 105 trees we have been given by the Woodland Trust. We planted them on the school field, creating a hedge along the fence and a clump of trees in one corner. The saplings included hazel, Rowan, blackthorn, elder and crab apple. Hilary from the Friends…

15 Nov

Our WW2 “SecretWar” experience

Year 6 were transported back in time this afternoon as they learnt about the secret work behind the scenes of code-breakers and spies during WW2. We learnt about the work of the aerial reconnaissance planes and the photographic interpreters back at base who checked photos for evidence of enemy…

15 Nov


We also investigated pulleys.  Here we are testing the idea that pulleys can be used to lift larger loads using less force.

15 Nov


Today we investigated levers.  We learnt that levers can be used to lift larger, heavier loads using a much smaller force.  Here we are investigating the significance of the pivot point.  We made the heavier objects rise on our ‘ruler balances’ proving that a small force can indeed lift a larger…