19 Jun

Why do we have day and night?

In science on Wednesday, we used globes and torches to investigate why we have day and night. We followed the United Kingdom as the earth rotated and spoke about what part of the day it might be in different positions. 



18 Jun

Rocksteady visit us!

On Tuesday we had a visit from Rocksteady. We had a whole school assembly where we learnt more about the instruments and what they can sound like, and afterwards a workshop where we created our own KS2 band!

5 Jun

Y1 School Trip Dalton

We had an amazing day at the zoo. We fed the giraffes, monkeys and touched the snake. We learnt all about the animal groups and also discussed the animal diets.

24 May

Clay Flowers

We have enjoyed making some clay flowers. We cannot wait to paint them. We also discussed the parts of the plants when we were designing them with playdough. 

23 May

Y1 Crown Green Bowling

Today, we enjoyed playing Crown Green Bowling at school. We could show off our rolling skills! 

22 May

Y1 and Y3

We were invited to watch Y3s wonderful dance and to read their amazing stories. Thank you Year 3! 

21 May

Y1 Pedal and Scoot

We had an amazing day with Kathy learning to ride a bike. Thank you for the amazing parental support ! 

14 May

Researching about plants

We have begun researching facts to use in our non-fiction book. We went to the school library to find non-fiction books and found the information section. We have looked at the features and found exciting information. 
We also used the iPads to research about plants. 

14 May

Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours

In RE we’ve been reading about Joseph. We had a go at creating our own coats of many colours. We had colours, patterns and lots of creative designs. 

13 May

Printing Blocks

We have enjoyed making our printing blocks in the style of Orla Kiely.

7 May

Making Equal Groups Y1

We made equal groups and made a repeated addition number sentence to work out the answer. 

3 May

Measuring using rulers in Y1

We enjoyed using rulers to measure in cms.