1 Feb

Gymnastic balances

Year 6 have been working on developing their gymnastic skills this half term. So far we have practised mirrored and matched balances, including counter balance and counter tension balances. Today we moved on to plan routines including working on a piece of apparatus. There were some great ideas…

31 Jan

Passover 2023

Today Year 6 re-enacted a Passover meal. As we tried each of the symbolic foods we recalled the story of the Exodus. We tried to imagine what a Jewish family might be feeling and the significance it holds for them. You can probably tell by the photos who tried the bitter herbs; which remind Jewish…

6 Jan

Evaluating our shelters

Today we got the chance to evaluate the shelters we made last half term. Our design brief had been to construct a shelter to house a family of four playmobile people. It had to be waterproof, and built of a construction strong enough to withstand a 500g weight being dropped on its roof and a 30…

15 Dec

Shelter building commences

Today Year 6 got back to making their shelters after a week off for Enterprise Week. They worked incredibly hard to create their designs using some of the materials they tested previously and worked very well not only in their pairs but as a whole class, helping each other out when necessary and…

13 Dec

Year 6 finish their printing project

After several weeks of designing, printing, drying, printing, drying and more printing, our Christmas cards are finally finished! We are very proud of them and hope our parents like them. Special thanks to Naomi for sharing her time and expertise with us.


12 Dec

Carol singing at Chirnside House

Year 6 - or half of Year 6 to be exact - walked along to Chirnside House this afternoon to sing carols to the elderly residents there. This was our first visit in three years due to Covid, so we were delighted to be invited. The residents certainly enjoyed our singing, though we were unable to…

12 Dec

Circuits for Christmas!

Year 6 worked hard during their final lesson working with electrical circuits! They created Christmas Cards with electrical components that turned on when the card was closed and switched off when it was opened!

Brilliant designs and fantastic innovative methods for making switches- well done,…

9 Dec

Success at the Christmas Fair

What a great end to an extremely busy week for Year 6. Each Enterprise Week team set out their wares to sell at the fair today and every team sold out before the fair closed! Project managers and accountants checked the sales at the end of the afternoon and were delighted to discover that every…

8 Dec

Enterprise Week continued

Year 6 continue working together in their teams to make products to sell at the fair on Friday. Today we have had support from several parents who have helped with baking as well as offering some business advice. The accountants in each team are beginning to think about pricing our products,…

6 Dec

Year 6 Enterprise Week

Year 6 have welcomed the return of Enterprise Week, after a two year break due to Covid. Working in teams of five, each member is assigned a special role such as project manager, accountant and advertiser. Scot4All has loaned each team some money which they must “invest” during the week to make…

2 Dec

Planning to build a shelter

During this week, we have started investigating shelters in DT. We began by researching the different types of air raid shelters that were designed and used in WW2. Anderson and Morrison shelters were two of the most common types. We then went on to investigate how to make strong structures and…

1 Dec

Year 6 printing project continues…..

We have been working hard on our printing over the last two weeks. Last week, we added a second colour to our original prints, after adding more detail to our initial outline shapes.

Today we removed our main motif from our tile and worked on adding detail to our backgrounds. Finally we chose a…