29 Nov

Richard and Ruth Return

This week we enjoyed welcoming back Ruth and Richard who are leading us on our 'Walk through the Bible'. Ruth has recently been on a trip to the Holy Land. She was able to share some photos with us from her trip to the land where Jesus lived, taught and died. This links nicely with our recent work…

28 Nov

Bright Sparks!

Year 6 worked hard to investigate how the thickness of wires affected the brightness of bulbs within an electrical circuit.

Using three different thicknesses of wire, we found how bright the bulbs were by counting how many layers of tracing paper it took until the bulb's light was blocked…

17 Nov

Year 6 printing project begins

This week, we welcomed Naomi St. John into our class to help us design and create multi-layered prints which will eventually become our Christmas cards. Having created our basic designs and transferred them onto polystyrene tiles, we learnt how to ink them and print our designs onto coloured…

14 Nov

Circuit Repairs!

This week in Science, Year 6 explored faults in circuits and how to repair them!

The children started the session by working together in teams to create human circuits, that would only allow the electrons (tennis balls) to flow when they were fully connected (feet to feet!). As we became more…

7 Nov

BUZZING with Excitement for our Circuits Unit!

Year 6 explored the exciting world of Electrical Circuits this week and refreshed their learning and knowledge from Year 4 before moving onto understanding, building from, and drawing circuit diagrams using symbols for a range of components.

Year 6's top tips for drawing circuit diagrams:


2 Nov

Playleaders refresh their training

Year 6 have had a morning refreshing their Playleaders training. They completed the full course last year with Scott, who came back today to give us some more ideas and remind us of the key principles for a good Playleaders session - it should be safe, active and fun. We enjoyed coming up with…

1 Nov

Bible Explorers begins

Having missed out on their Bible Explorers sessions last year due to COVID, Year 6 welcomed Richard and Ruth from Sportsreach into class today, to begin their 5 week walk through the Old Testament. Beginning in Genesis with creation, we acted out some of the stories and learnt some simple signs…

31 Oct

Year 5 and 6 Intrasports

After being rained off at the end of last term, Year 5 and 6 managed to hold their Intrasports competition this afternoon. The event was planned and run by our Sports Captains and involved using the skills we had learnt in our PE lessons last term. The activities included rugby passing skills,…

17 Oct

Forces? Year 6 ‘PULLEY’ understand!

This term we’ve been learning about forces- air resistance couldn’t hold us back; we wouldn’t let gravity pull us down; things heated up when we learned about friction; and we were swept away by water resistance! Therefore, we couldn’t wait to see how our forces learning would pull us in and push…

10 Oct

Air resistance and gravity aren’t as tough as they think they are… we’ll let them down slowly!

Year 6 learned lots about air resistance and gravity today, as they investigated how the size of a parachute affects the speed in which a basket descends from a height!

We dropped each basket (one without a parachute, one with a small parachute, and one with a large parachute) from the same…

6 Oct


Today is National Poetry Day. Year 6 have been learning the classic poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll this week. Many of the words are nonsense words, so we spent time working out what word classes they were as well as imagining what they could mean. Today we went to the woods to act out verses…

4 Oct

Open Doors

We played a game created by the Charity Open Doors. They help Christians round the world who have suffered persecution. We discovered that for many people choosing to journey through life as a Christian is an extremely difficult option. We also found out that Christians around the world have so…