16 Jun

Investigating Day and Night

Today with the help of a torch and a globe we investigated how day and night occur on planet Earth. We watched the sunlight gradually disappear from Britain as the Earth spun on its own axis. Our friends in Australia slept soundly during out day and then woke up as we were getting ready for bed. 

12 Jun

Anyone for Cricket?!

Today 10 of us from Year 5 took part in a school cricket tournament at Torrisholme Cricket Club.  Although it was a very hot day everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm throughout.  We had not played cricket together as a team before and so it was a brilliant opportunity to develop skills such…

9 Jun

Investigating Shadows

Using a torch as our Sun, we recreated a day and worked out where our shadow would be and what size our shadow was. 


9 Jun

Movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon

In Science we have been learning about the movement of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun. We found out that the Sun stays still and does not move. The Earth orbits the Sun in an anti-clockwise direction. At the same time as it is orbiting it is also spinning on its own axis. The moon orbits…

26 May

Investigating sound

Today we have set up and conducted our own group investigations to find out what happens to a sound as we move away from the sound source. Each person in our group had their own role. 

22 May

Year 5 and 6 Intrasports Y5

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon of Intrasports today, as we come to the end of half term. Activities were planned for us by our very enthusiastic team of Sports Captains and included skills we have been practising recently in our PE lessons. Teams took part in netball-type games as well as…

19 May

Finished Musical Instruments

The moment you have all been waiting for - our finished products. We hope you are impressed.

18 May

Making Musical Instruments

Today we have been making musical instruments using recycled materials. 
Thank you to all our parents who helped us find the materials we needed at home. 
We will finish our instruments in the morning. 
Watch this space for our finished products. 

18 May

An epic trip- Shackelton's Journey

In Year 5, we are loving reading "Shackleton's Journey" by William Grill and "Ice Trap" by Meredith Hooper. 

We have learnt all about explorers in Victorian and Edwardian times and the continent of Antarctica.  We have written letters to apply to become one of the crew onboard the Endurance,…

16 May

Investigating counties of the U.K.

In geography we have been learning about the 4 countries that make up the UK.  We have learnt about the capital cities, the different flags, patron saints and each country's emblem.  Today we focused on counties.  We found out that each country within the UK is divided into counties.  There are…

16 May

Practise makes perfect!

We have been practising hard (at school and at home) on our ukeleles and, so far, have learnt the chords of C and F.  Next week we will go on to the chord of G and then we will be able to play loads of songs!!  Have a listen to see how we're getting on.

12 May

Which material is the best for muffling sound?

Today we have been testing different materials to see which one was the best at blocking sounds from reaching our ears. We set up an experiment, carried it out, recorded our results and wrote a conclusion to answer our enquiry question.