13 Jun

Year 4 English

Year 4 children were practising their play script Atishoo in the shade. It was so hot in the classroom so we tried to find a little bit of breeze! After learning about the features of a play script and comparing these to a novel the children started rehearsing. The first scene involves two…

9 Jun

Learning about polygons

In maths, we have been learning about the properties of a polygon and then sorting them further into regular and irregular polygons. We have worked practically making polygons using up to 10 matchsticks. We were then set a task of using only 6 equilateral triangles to make a quadrilateral, a…

8 Jun

History - Comparing the city-states of Athens and Sparta

Today, we have been reading a variety of statements and deciding whether they referred to the Ancient Greek city-states of Athens or Sparta. We made a Venn diagram and looked at similarities and differences between the two places. After finding out about them, we were asked to decide which place…

6 Jun

Year 4 Greek afternoon

Year 4 have had a fabulous afternoon listening to a Greek expert from The Heritage Learning Service. The children could dress in Greek costumes to help become absorbed in the activities. They learnt about the Minotaur, Greek City States, tyranny, early democracy and Alexander the Great. The…

25 May

Perfecting our Crown Green Bowling skills

We have had another brilliant afternoon learning how to bowl with Coach Dan. Our skills and aim have certainly got much better.

18 May

Investigating angles

Today, we made angle measures and then took them outside to find and identify different angles outdoors. We made acute, obtuse and right angles with our bodies before looking at different angles around us. We used sticks and twigs to make shapes and labelled the different angles. 

18 May

Investigating teeth (using eggs?!)

In science, we have been investigating teeth, their functions and how to look after them.  We wanted to find out which drinks damaged teeth the most and so last week  we set an experiment using hardboiled eggs to see the effect that different liquids had on their shells.  In our groups, we chose 3…

17 May

Year 4 Art

Year 4 have been looking at two artists in this block of work. Hundertwasser was an Austrian painter and architect who enjoyed environmental campaigning. Karla Gerard is an American folk artist producing paintings and textile pieces.

The children built up their skills in drawing with a variety…

3 May

Year 4 Cats Drama lesson

Year 4 had their Cats drama lesson on Tuesday. They performed to two of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s songs, Macavity the Mystery Cat and Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat. They dressed up and made themselves masks to get into role.  During Macavity they paused to join in with the repeating lines. Using PE…

27 Apr

Crown Green Bowling with Y4

Coach Dan taught us some skills for crown green bowling this afternoon. We were given a bowl and tried to aim at a target. By the end of the afternoon, we had certainly improved our aim and some of us even managed to get our bowl on the centre circle.

21 Apr

Cedric the skeleton has joined Y4

We had a visitor in class today....Cedric the skeleton! First, we had to draw round someone in the class and then draw the bones that we thought were in our body. We were surprised to find out that humans have 206 bones in their skeleton. Cedric then visited and we discussed why we have a skeleton…

17 Apr

Year 4 Literacy

Today, Year 4 started their new Literacy genre of Classical Poetry. We are going to read a selection of poems from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot.

We started by listening to The Naming of Cats. We found out that cats have three different names. The first is the one the family…