29 Mar

Year 4 Art

Year 4 have been making ripped paper collages in the style of Antoni Gaudi. The ripped paper looks like his tile mosaic technique called trencardis. The children had a variety of source material and then designed their own picture. Here are a selection of the completed ones.

23 Mar

Investigating air resistance

Today we have been investigating air resistance by making different sized parachutes and dropping them from a height to observe the speed at which they fall. We found out that the larger the parachute the slower they fall as air resistance slows them down.

22 Mar

Music Festival

Today the children took part in the Lancaster and District Schools’ Singing Festival at the Ashton Hall in Lancaster. They sang beautifully, remembered all the words and actions and even learnt some sign language too. What a credit to the school they all were. Well done Y4, we are really proud of…

22 Mar

Investigating our home continent - Europe!

In geography we have started learning about Europe - our home continent. Today we looked at human features of different countries including languages, currency and flags. We used the internet and fact sheets to research these for lots of different European countries. 

10 Mar

Spring......or Winter?!

We never expected snow in March so we made the most of it today and had fun playing outside building snowmen.

9 Mar

Which surfaces create more friction?

We carried out an investigation today to find out which surfaces creates more friction. We used a Newton meter to measure the amount of force used to pull our bags across different surfaces. We found out that surfaces that were bumpy and uneven such as the astroturf, concrete and carpet…

8 Mar

What happened to the Romans?

In Year 4 we have been looking at why the Romans left Britain (in about 400 AD) and what happened to their empire. We found out that the empire declined because of many reasons, such as fighting between rulers, attacks from the Barbarian tribe and the lack of money to pay the army.  We were amazed…

6 Mar

World Book Day - Year 4

World Book Day started with the teachers reading letters to Duncan from the book The Day the Crayons Quit. This set the scene for the rest of the day. Year 4 had the blue crayon which was complaining as it was short and stubby because it had been used to colour, oceans, skies and rivers. Year 4…

2 Mar

Water resistance

We have been making different shapes from plasticine to investigate water resistance. We looked at the shapes of boats and fish to make different streamlined shapes that travelled faster through the water. 

23 Feb

Forces in Year 4

Today, we have started to learn all about forces. We have watched a video about Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity. We then used Newton meters to measure the amount of force needed to pull objects back down to earth and found out how this links to the mass of each object.

22 Feb

Researching Roman Towns in Year 4 (The Celtic Spies are Back!)

Today we became Celtic spies to find out about Roman towns.  We had to find clues and feedback to our groups.  We were also allowed to spy on other groups to find out more!  We tried to include features like the Forum, the amphitheatre, the bath house, shops, the temple and the circus (where horse…

9 Feb

Making Switches

We have looked at a different types of switches and how they work. We then used a variety of materials to make our own switches.