19 Mar

Morecambe FC Visit

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from 3 first team Morecambe FC players. We asked them questions about their lives and their footballing careers, their favourite players and what they had enjoyed most about school. We even queued up and got their autographs! 


19 Mar

Year 4 Artwork

Year 4 have been studying the work of the Spanish artist and architect Antoni Gaudi. We have looked at examples of his work from Barcelona and have completed line drawings in his fluid style. Gaudi works in a trencardis style where he uses broken ceramic tiles to make his sculptures. We have made…

15 Mar

Fun playing cricket

Today Coach Lauren came into school to teach us skills linked to cricket. We had lots of fun aiming at the wickets and practising bowling.

14 Mar

Which surfaces create more friction?

We have been investigating which surfaces create more friction by pulling a bag across a variety of surfaces and measuring the amount of force needed to pull it. 

7 Mar

Y4 World Book Day

What an exciting World Book Day we have had! Our costumes were amazing. Can you recognise any characters from the class photo? We started the day hearing all about the first books and when they were published. We then designed a footprint showing our favourite books to display in school to lead…

1 Mar

Using Newton metres

Today we have started our topic on ‘Forces’. We discussed Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and looked at Newton metres. We used Newton metres to find out the link between mass and weight.

8 Feb

How do switches work?

We have been looking at how switches work today and discussed the importance of switches to save electricity, save money and for safety reasons. We also looked at different types of switches before making our own. 

1 Feb

Static electricity

Today, we have made our hair stand on end by creating static electricity and learning the science behind it. We rubbed balloons on our jumpers and hovered them above our hair. Using the same method, we also tried to pick up small pieces of paper from the table and tried to attract our balloon to…

26 Jan

Electricity dance

Miss Helen is teaching us dances linked to our Science topic on electricity. We have thought of different movements to make an electrical circuit dance with a partner and incorporated switches, wires and different components into our sequence. 

19 Jan

Roman workshop

What fun we have had in Year 4 today. Marcus, a Roman soldier, visited and taught us all about the Roman Army. We had training to be a soldier and looked at lots of weapons and armour. We learnt lots of Latin words too. Have a look at the photos to see what we have been doing.

18 Jan

Household objects with magical powers

In a few weeks, we are going to write a fantasy story so today we looked at different household objects and discussed how they could be incorporated into our stories with magical powers. We had lots of ideas.

11 Jan

Simple circuits

We began our unit on ‘Electricity’ today. We discussed appliances that use either mains or battery powered electricity or both and then sorted them into a Venn diagram. We also looked at all the components that make up a simple circuit and used these to create a circuit with a bulb that lit up.