17 Oct

Year 4 orienteering

Year 4 spent some time this afternoon orienteering in the playground. The children had to identify the buildings and features on the map and then orientate the map correctly. There were 9 checkpoints around the school grounds identified by a number. At each checkpoint there was a letter which when…

12 Oct

Non-Newtonian fluid

We have been exploring the mixture of cornflour and water. It is known as a non-Newtonian fluid as it doesn’t follow the rules for either a solid or a liquid. We squeezed it, turning it into a solid and them let it go to see it turn back into a liquid. It was really fun, interesting and…

12 Oct

Does gas weigh?

Today we have been learning about Joseph Priestley, the man who invented fizzy drinks. He worked out that if he put a gas called carbon dioxide into drinks it made them fizzy. We have been investigating whether gas weighs anything by shaking bottle and letting the carbon dioxide escape. We found…

12 Oct

Dancing raisins

We made raisins dance today by putting them into a glass of lemonade. The bubbles (carbon dioxide) made the raisins dance. We talked about how this happens.

6 Oct

Poetry workshop

Today we have had a visit from Tony Peek, a poet. We have listen to lots of amazing poems and even had a go at writing some of our own.

5 Oct

Separating mixtures

We have been discussing different ways of separating mixtures such as hand separation, sieving or sifting and using magnets (which was a recap on our knowledge from Y3). We had a variety of different mixtures that we had to separate using sieves that had lots of different sized holes. We had to…

29 Sep

Where does the number go?

Today, we have been using blank number lines to estimate where a number would be on it. We had to work out the start and end number on the number line as well as counting the intervals, using midpoints helped us.

27 Sep

Year 4 Geography

In Geography, we went outside to do some fieldwork. We observed, recorded and presented features in the local area by sketching what human and physical features we could see from the playground.

26 Sep

Year 4 PE

Today’s PE lesson was based around orienteering. The children had to orientate their map facing the correct direction based on the quoits set out on the playground.. They had to use the map to navigate a short course. At each of the points on the course there was a number. They had to total the…

22 Sep

Finding definitions

We have been exploring the meaning of words by using both book and online dictionaries to locate words and write the definitions. We will be using these words when we write our non-chronological report.

21 Sep

Identifying solids that behave like liquids

Following on from last weeks lesson about solids and liquids, we have been looking at solids that often behave like liquids. They can be poured and take the shape of the container they are in. We were given the task of identifying each solid by using Easi-Scopes which magnify each particle onto…

15 Sep

Invasion game skills

Today, we have been practising skills to play an invasion game. We have been throwing and catching balls using a chest pass and a bounce pass. We had to think of the position of our hands and feet to be able to throw and catch effectively.