18 Jun

Watercolour rainforest flowers

In science, Mrs Dowson has been teaching us all about plants and their lifecycles and in geography we are learning all about plants of the rainforest and how they survive.  Today we drew and painted some hibiscus flowers using watercolour pencils.  We really enjoyed mixing colours and seeing how…

18 Jun

Rainforest Art in Year 3

This term we are learning all about tropical rainforests and in our art lessons have been practising making shades and tints of colours. We have been mixing lots of different greens. We will be using these in a rainforest collage later this term.

11 Jun

Sounds and sights of the rainforest!

Today we started our new geography topic - Wonders of the Rainforest!  We listened to the sound of a tropical rainforest and drew what we could hear or imagine. We then wrote down our ideas about rainforests and what we already know.  We are looking forward to learning lots…

11 Jun

Developing texture vocabulary for our nature poems

We continued our exploration of nature today by doing a texture touching challenge of natural things in the school grounds. We used words like rough, silky, jagged, downy and serrated to describe the things we felt. We will use some of these words in our nature poems.


24 May

Sharing our Stone Age stories with Year 1

In Year 3 we have been writing our own stories based on the class reader, Stone Age Boy.  After showing them our Stone Age dance, we read our stories to the Year One children.  They seemed to really enjoy them!

24 May

Year 3 Stone Age Dance

We have been developing a dance based on our topic of the Stone Age.  Today we showed it to Mrs Boyle and the Y1 class.  They really enjoyed it and we hope you will too.


22 May

Y1 and Y3

We were invited to watch Y3s wonderful dance and to read their amazing stories. Thank you Year 3! 

22 May

Making our Moving Toys

After learning about and investigating the power of air (pneumatics!), this week we finally planned and made our moving toys. We investigated different ways to use balloons, pipes and syringes to create movement and then came the challenging, fun and messy(!) part…we got to transform cardboard…

16 May

Investigating the power of air in Y3

In DT we are investigating pneumatics as soon we will be making our own pneumatic moving models. Today we made paper rockets and used air power (from our lungs through a straw!) to propel the rockets forwards. We learnt that even a small amount of air can be very powerful…


8 May

Measuring capacity (and trying not to get too wet!)

We are learning about capacity and volume in maths. Today we started this new topic with a practical session finding the capacity of lots of different containers. We used coloured water to make it easier to see. We estimated for each different container and our estimates got better as we went…

3 May

A cave in the corner of Year 3?!

Here are all of our amazing pictures based on cave paintings!  We have written diary entries based on our book "Stone Age Boy".  We are also loving finding out more about Prehistoric Britain with some new non-fiction books. 

1 May

Investigating Stonehenge in Year 3

In Year 3 we are now learning about the Neolithic Stone Age (the New Stone Age) when farming was first used widely in Britain.  We have been learning about the amazing monument of Stonehenge and how it was made. We did a fact treasure hunt to find out as much as we could about it. It is incredible…