14 Jun

Year 5&6 Peter and the Wolf trip

Today Year 5&6 went to the Lancaster Town Hall to watch a performance of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. It told the story of a boy called Peter and his encounter with a wolf.  Each of the characters had different instruments representing them. The flutes were birds, the oboe was a duck and the…

5 Jun

Investigating the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon

Today we went outside to work in small groups. We took turns to be the Sun, Earth or Moon and orbited and spun to show how the 3 spherical bodies work together. This was a great introduction to our new science topic, even if it did leave us feeling a little dizzy. 

23 May

How do string telephones work?

Today in Year 5 we have been finding out how a string telephone works. We tried different lengths of string and tried leaving the string loose and pulling it taut. 
Outside we tried 4 and 6 way conversations with our friends.

8 Mar

Y1 and Y5 Book Quiz

We enjoyed the book character quiz around the school. Thank you Year 5’s who helped us too! 

7 Mar

Y1 and Y5 World Book Day

Thank you to Year 5 for sharing books with us. We enjoyed listening to stories that you read.

9 Feb

The Digestive System in Action

Today in Science we looked at the digestive system of a Human. Some of us had lots of fun. Some of us were horrified. Take a look at our faces. 

2 Feb

The Great Scotforth Bread Bake Off

Mrs Walsh came to judge our bread. She chose 3 winners. 
Chloe made a cat, Danny made a hedgehog and Sophie made a tortoise. 
Well done to our winners. 

2 Feb

Making our own bread

We used our plans to mix, knead, shape, bake and decorate our own bread. We worked sensibly and safely and our finished products were very impressive. 

18 Jan

Year 5 learn a basic bread recipe

Today in our DT lesson we found out which ingredients were needed to make white bread. Working in a small group we followed a recipe. Each person in the group had their own piece of dough to knead and shape. Our bread was baked this afternoon then we got to take it home to eat. 
Next lesson we…

12 Jan

Year 5 evaluate existing bread products

Today in Year 5 we looked at different kinds of bread and compared them. This was lesson 1 in our new DT topic. We used our sense of sight, touch, smell and best of all TASTE!! The evaluation of existing products is step one of the design process. Next week we will move on to look at baking basic…

16 Oct

NISCU visit

A very big thank you to Debbie Green for coming in to school this afternoon to help us with our learning about the Bible.  Never before have we ever seen such a large bible!

12 Oct

Dissection of a flower

Today in Year 5 we dissected flowers to find all the main reproductive parts. We knew the names of the parts but bringing the outside in helped us to learn where each part was and its function in pollination and fertilisation. We had remembered a lot from our lessons in Year 3 where Mrs Dowson…