23 May

How do string telephones work?

Today in Year 5 we have been finding out how a string telephone works. We tried different lengths of string and tried leaving the string loose and pulling it taut. 
Outside we tried 4 and 6 way conversations with our friends.

14 May

Researching about plants

We have begun researching facts to use in our non-fiction book. We went to the school library to find non-fiction books and found the information section. We have looked at the features and found exciting information. 
We also used the iPads to research about plants. 

7 May

Growing walk

We have been looking for things that grow outdoors. We took photos of each other using the iPad. 

22 Mar

Investigating water and air resistance

What a lot of investigating we have been doing in science this week! Our experiments were linked to water and air resistance. We made different shapes out of play dough and dropped them in water to see which travelled faster. The sausage shape created less water resistance and was the fastest…

15 Mar

Exploring shadows in science (Year 3)

In science we are learning about shadows. Today we planned our own investigations to see what happens to the size of shadows when objects are nearer or further from the light source. We worked really well in our groups and pairs and did some really good scientific thinking!


14 Mar

Which surfaces create more friction?

We have been investigating which surfaces create more friction by pulling a bag across a variety of surfaces and measuring the amount of force needed to pull it. 

12 Mar

Egg hunt with a difference!

The children had to hunt for creatures that hatch from eggs in our wooded walk. We talked about the life cycles of the different creatures we found.

4 Mar

Where are woodlice found?

This afternoon, Year 3 were looking for woodlice in the school grounds. We looked in lots of areas - behind the outdoor classroom, in the garden, around the climbing frame and we recorded our findings in a table. 

1 Mar

Using Newton metres

Today we have started our topic on ‘Forces’. We discussed Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and looked at Newton metres. We used Newton metres to find out the link between mass and weight.

9 Feb

The Digestive System in Action

Today in Science we looked at the digestive system of a Human. Some of us had lots of fun. Some of us were horrified. Take a look at our faces. 

8 Feb

How do switches work?

We have been looking at how switches work today and discussed the importance of switches to save electricity, save money and for safety reasons. We also looked at different types of switches before making our own. 

2 Feb

Year 3 Magnetic materials

We have been investigating which materials are magnetic and which materials are non-magnetic. 
We found out that materials that are magnetic are made from metal BUT not all metals are magnetic.